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Q: Who’s behind the Purpose Project?
A: The Purpose Project is a joint initiative between Riverdale Country School (a Pre-K–12 independent school in New York City) and IDEO (a global design company). Together, these two organizations brought together human-centered design and innovation in education to explore the question–how might we enable young people to prototype their purpose?

Q: How did the Purpose Project come to be?
A: The Purpose Project was created out of a discovered need in the world of education. More than ever, young people were feeling a mounting pressure to achieve, with an emphasis on grades, test scores, and a laundry list of accomplishments, but feeling like their own sense of autonomy and voice was getting lost in it all, in the transition to college and beyond. As partners, IDEO and Riverdale Country School set out to create something to fill this need in the market. 

Q: This sounds neat! How can I get involved?
A: The Purpose Project is currently in closed BETA at the moment. We are currently looking for pilot sites, and always have our eyes open to interesting opportunities to partner or fundraise. Want to chat more? Send us a note under the “Get Involved” section or an email to info@thepurposeproject.org

Q: I want to login and use it! How can I do that?
A:  Because the Purpose Project is in closed BETA, you will need to have an account created for you before you can login on the web or on the mobile app. When we onboard new pilot sites, we send out a sign-up link to all participants. If we are interested in using it for other reasons, send us a message, and we will determine account creation on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: Can I get a demo of the course material and/or app?
A: To start, you can refer to the sample videos under “The Course” and the “The Platform” tabs. If you are still curious to learn more, get in touch and let us know why you’re interested. While we cannot promise a demo for every inquiry, we enjoy connecting with potential partners, which can include a brief demo and overview of the course and web content, time permitting. 

Q: What is your privacy policy and terms of use?
A: You can find both of those here and here.

Q: What do you do with the data you collect?
A: At this stage in our development, all user data is kept strictly confidential, but may used by our internal product team to further our learnings and product iteration. 

Q: I’m a current pilot site and need support. What should I do?
support@thepurposeproject.org with your question. Expect a response within 48 hours during work hours.