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The course is an immersive 8-session curriculum that guides students to identify focus areas, pursue self-initiated projects, and create a personal narrative.

The Course

The course can be integrated into any existing class, advisory program, or extracurricular activity. It is modular and flexible, which allows you to go at your own pace and focus on what matters to you.

At the end of the course, students leave with a map of their focus areas, three completed projects rooted in their interests, an insight-driven story about themselves, and access to an app they can continue to use beyond the course.

We get it — you need flexibility. The experience is 8 interactive sessions, and that could be 8 weeks, or it could be stretched out across an entire school year. Or, with a little ingenuity, you could even do it in an intensive weekend.

Reflecting on our actions and challenging ourselves is more fun when we do it in a group. The experience is heavy on sharing, discussing, and getting and giving feedback. Let students lead.

The course is password protected. To view and download, please enter the password given to you by the Purpose Project team:

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