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The platform is a web and mobile app that helps students capture and catalogue their experiences, explorations, and insights.

The Platform

There are many ways for students to use the Purpose Project app in conjunction with the course, with peers, or individually:

Rebecca uses the Purpose Project to catalogue all of the topics she wants to focus on over the next year. Throughout the year, she adds activities to those focus areas and watches them grow. When she does her end-of-year reflection, she can look back and see how much progress she has made.

Assaf is always getting inspired, but sometimes forgets his ideas before he has a chance to take action. With the Purpose Project, he captures sparks for things he might want to try, so they are all in one place. Over spring break, he picks from one of the ideas he captured, and does it.

Zukima and her friends are doing an independent photography project. Using the Purpose Project, they can set goals for themselves and capture progress as they go. When they chat with their advisor, they have a catalogue of their progress and the insights they've had along the way.


Hit pause for a second and notice the details of your day-to-day life. Capture meaningful moments as they happen, so you can reflect on your experiences and what they say about who you are.

Reflect Reflect


Start to see how the dots connect, and organize the stuff that matter most in your life. Chances are, there’s a pattern to what you’re doing that’s a whole lot clearer from a bird’s-eye-view.

Examine Examine


Get inspired and actually do something about it. Look at your patterns and figure out your next move. Build on the things you love and experiment with confidence.

Explore Explore


With every move through this process, you get one step closer to understanding who you are, and where you’re going. And you’ll have the confidence and experience to back it up, all in one tidy little place.