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The Purpose Project: Overview girl-with-camera@2x

The Purpose Project is a course and digital platform that helps high school students design their lives by prototyping purpose.

The Experience

The Purpose Project is a blended program that supports students in using design thinking methods to prototype their purpose. There are a few key components that support this experience:

An immersive 8-session course designed to help students identify focus areas in their life, pursue self-initiated projects, and create a person narrative about their discoveries of self.

A digital platform allows students to capture and catalogue their focus areas, projects, and insights about themselves throughout their high school journey.

Currently available for iOS, the app allows students to capture meaningful experiences as they happen in real time.

Why This Matters

With an emphasis on grades, test scores, and a resume of achievements, young people today feel mounting pressure to achieve. Yet many students still struggle to find agency & meaning behind it all, and current school systems struggle to foster this capacity. While knowledge is an essential pursuit, we believe knowing who you are and what you care about is foundational in this short and precious life. So we asked, how might we enable students to uncover and continuously evolve on their sense of purpose? How might we help young people design their lives with intention?

Get in Touch

The Purpose Project is currently in BETA. We are looking for partners as we continue our learning journey. If your school or program is interested in getting involved, get in touch.